Michael V Lewis – RealD 3D CEO and Founder

Michael V. Lewis – Know More About this Successful Entrepreneur


Michael V Lewis is the co founder of RealD 3D who was born in the year 1963. The American CEO, entrepreneur and investor in media has completed his graduation in the year 1985 from the University of Florida. He has found his interest in entertainment industry after watching the movie Star Wars at the age of 14 and he got motivated by the film to grow his career in the entertainment industry. According to him he is in this industry because he saw the movie, he said that “I wanted to be in this business was because I saw Star Wars’ as a teenager in a small theatre in central Florida”.

He has made a great position in the entertainment industry through his great works and now he is holding the position of present CEO of the RealD 3D, the largest 3D cinema platform in the world. He has started his career in this industry with the movie “About Last Night” as production assistance.

Early Life of Lewis

Before RealD 3D Michael V Lewis was holding the position of Senior Vice President in InterMedia, a media investment banking and advisory company. Then he worked as a CEO in an award winning digital entertainment studio, L-Squared from 1994 to 2003. In 2003, he cofounded the biggest achievement of his life i.e., the RealD 3D platform. RealD 3D is basically a visual entertainment technology which offers people a real life movie watching experience which is visually stunning and out of the world. The headquarter of the company is in Beverly Hills and it has its branches in many other countries including Tokyo, Beijing, Moscow, London, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Taiwan etc.

About RealD 3D Platform

The first film that was made using RealD 3D technology was “Chicken Little” which was released in 2005. Since the release, the platform has become the largest 3D cinema platform around the world. In 2010, the company has achieved a title by Fast Company magazine as one of the most innovative companies around the world. The most successful film on RealD 3D was “Avatar” which was released in 2009 and spread the 3D mania among the people of all around the world. The platform is now used in over 72 countries on more than 27,500 screens worldwide.

Not only the RealD 3D, but Lewis himself is an achiever of many awards starting with the Producers Guild of America Vanguard Award in 2011, Special Award for Technical Contribution in 2013 at the ShowEast trade show etc. Recently RealD 3D has merged with Rizvi Traverse Management, LLC in 2016 March but Michael is still serving the position of CEO after the merging of the company.

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So as you may be able to imagine, I have had some crazy journeys in my experience as a traveling wedding planner. Just when you think you you have seen it all and things can not get any weirder. They do. They always do. So what happened this time?

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So what is rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is commonly referred to as a nose job. Rhinoplasty is a form of plastic surgery that targets the nose for the purpose of reshaping it. Whether that be for looks or due to an injury or ailment. Whatever the reason for the surgery, getting a nose job is definitely a serious decision to make, especially right before a wedding!

Either way, she decided to go through with it. And it turned out to be a wild ride! She recovered from her surgery completely only DAYS before her wedding! Crazy, huh? A few more days and all of my planning would have to have been started all over from scratch! Let alone the nervousness of the build up to a wedding would continue for Jamie and Rick!

The Turnout

In the end the wedding went great, everything went according to plan, and Jamie’s surgery looked amazing. She got a lot of compliments, and was definitely the star of the show! Not like she wouldn’t have been already! Either way it was a crazy experience, and I know this won’t be the last one. And I wish Jamie and Rick a very happy life together!

Rhinoplasty Information References: http://nycrhinoplastydirectory.com/