How to Start a Digital Marketing Business on the Side

Ever thought about managing an SEO agency while also working a 9-to-5 job? Sure, it will not be easy at first as doing that will mean that we will be having thirteen-hour workdays at best but with hard work, it will be a success. To start our marketing business, here are some things we should take note:

Revisit the contract signed with the full-time job

Before the business can start, we have to make sure that we are actually allowed to have it with our full-time job. While companies have different rules when it comes to their employees, a few do not allow it at all. Others, on the other hand, implement a non-compete clause. If that is the case, we will either lose our job or get a lawsuit. For example, if I want to build an internet marketing agency and I work in a firm which has its own campaign to be the go-to Richmond SEO expert, I should no longer be surprised if I get a call from the HR office one day for contract termination. Our time should also be managed well so that the time we spend on our full-time job will not be disturbed.

Get the appropriate licenses, certifications and registrations needed

As a fledgling entrepreneur, legal trouble is the last thing we want to tangle ourselves in. Before we build the marketing business itself, we should get all the necessary documents in order for us to operate in an area.

Pick a name for your business, select whether it will be a limited liability company, partnership or sole entrepreneurship and then submit the requirements to appropriate state business agencies.

The federal government also has a standardized requirement list for beginners in business when it comes to taxes, so check the IRS website. However, the states have different requirements so potential marketing business owners may also need to inquire in the state tax agency assigned.

Narrow down what the marketing business’ niche will be

There are marketing and content businesses everywhere, which means we have a lot of competition. While most people would suggest that the best move is to expand services, it would be a lot smarter to instead hone the business in a particular niche. For example, the business can brand itself as a SEO agency which specializes in content marketing specifically for restaurants and the food industry in the area. This will make it easier to stand out in a usually crowded market.

Widen the range of services for various types of clients

While it is important to have a niche in an increasingly pack competitive market, that does not mean we couldn’t offer a variety of services. If a company is still starting out, usually clients are a bit more hesitant in investing money into services which are new in the market. So what we can do is to offer our services on case-to-case packages. Think of it as their “taste test” of the services.

Utilize available technology

In the age of the Internet, a lot of resources and tools can be helpful in juggling our marketing business and our own full-time job. Calendar software like Google Calendar will be useful in time management while group messaging apps like Slack are great for streamlining communications with our team.

With rising costs all over the country, running our own SEO agency on the side on our post-work hours may be a smart move financially. So, if you feel that you can do it, start planning that dream marketing business.

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